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Foshan Carro Electrical Co., Ltd. of Pakistan love line

Author:   Date:2017-12-15  From:  Hits:120

A few days ago, Foshan Carro Electrical Co., Ltd. boss travel to Pakistan, visit customers, business negotiations. More importantly, visit an Afghan refugee camp in Islamabad and visit a group of innocent children.

Get up early in the morning, hundreds of kilometers away from Lahore to Islamabad, see a group of smiling children, and then running around is also worth it. Even though life is hard and difficult, they are still optimistic and happy to live in each day.


Foshan Carro Electric Co., Ltd. inherits the simple virtues of frugality and goodwill, lends a helping hand and gives love to help children in far-away Afghan refugee camps to the best of their ability, so that they can really feel the friendship from the community and international friends Care for them. Love without borders, winters warm, renewal of friendship, deepen cultural exchanges, become friendly ambassadors of the friendly relations between China and Pakistan. Here we advocate that we should extend our friendly hands and help our children in our country and other countries to prop up the blue sky of hope and give their love so that the light of this love can be passed on to more places where it is needed.



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